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Champion Dog Training Services

Basic Obedience

This is a introductory course which teaches the basic commands. Heel on leash, sit, down, stay come and return to the heel. General information on housebreaking, and having a well mannered dog are included in this course.

Advanced On Leash Obedience

This course refines the basic commands and teaches hand commands, moving commands and distance control. The dogs will learn to obey commands with different distractions that will prepare them for off leash training.

Advanced Off Leash Obedience

Off Leash Obedience teaches the dog to obey all the above commands without any leash.

Agility Training

In agility training the dog is taught to jump, climb, crawl, and do what is necessary to overcome any obstacle it encounters.

Personal Protection

In Personal Protection we teach the dog to bark on command, to bark when intruders approach your property or vehicles. The dog will be taught to protect you when threatened.

Patrol Dog Training

In this course the K-9 team is taught Obedience, Agility, Evidence Searching, Building Searching, Area Searching, and Criminal Apprehension.

Detection Training

In this course the K-9 team will be taught how to search for a particular odor, conduct proper search patterns and how to identify their K-9′s alert.

Search & Rescue

The K-9 team will be taught how to locate missing or lost persons All courses are designed for the individual Departments needs In Service, Remedial Training, and Consulting Services available.

Other Services Available





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