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Our Story

Mike Clark is a two-time U.S.P.C.A. Police Dog National Champion with over 35 years of experience.

He has trained hundreds of dogs in all areas such as patrol, narcotics, explosives, arson detection and search and rescue. Michael is recognized as one of the leading K-9 handlers and instructors in the United States. He has won top honors in Regional as well as National Competitions.

Through his academies many K-9 handlers have gone on to become leading instructors in other agencies and have won numerous awards of their own. Michael’s Patrol Dog Academy was featured in the video K-9 COP.

Retired Head K-9 Trainer for the Broward Sheriff’s Office
Two Time Police K-9 National Champion
Three Time K-9 State Champion
Patrol Service Dog- Gold Medal Winner
K-9 Unit Of The Year Award
Featured in the Video K-9 Cop
Trainer of Cloud the only Dog in the world to locate dying Dolphins read more..
Dog Trainer for over 35 years
Former K-9 Instructor For The Criminal Justice Institute
Certified U.S.P.C.A. Level III K-9 Trainer
Certified National K-9 Judge
Certified Detection Dog Trainer
Canine Good Citizen Evaluation
State Of Florida K-9 Evaluator/Trainer

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